Prodoscore Announces New Integration with Google Workspace

A Google Cloud Partner, Prodoscore Offers Customers a Productivity Intelligence Solution

Prodoscore, a leader in productivity intelligence and employee visibility software, has announced an expanded integration with Google Workspace. Prodoscore partnered with Google Cloud last year, launching on the Google Cloud Marketplace in May of 2019. Today, Prodoscore integrates with all Google Cloud products within the Workspace suite.

As a Google Cloud partner, Prodoscore offers customers a productivity intelligence solution that creates visibility and encourages adoption of cloud tools, like those within Google Workspace, to provide insight into productivity. Prodoscore also integrates with tools such as CRM and UCaaS, which help to provide visibility into how employees work each day.   

Prodoscore uses machine learning, AI and Natural Language Processing to measure the activity points across these business applications, and presents immediate opportunities for process improvement, while respecting employee privacy at the same time. The solution provides businesses and leaders with data insights that help to improve performance and collaboration, increase engagement and tool adoption and streamline the employee experience overall.  

“Google Workspace has become a hub of valuable information for many companies now working in a distributed world,” said Prodoscore’s Chief Product Officer, Crisantos Hajibrahim. “It's vital they have the right tools in place and information available to make smarter business decisions. Leveraging the Google Workspace APIs, companies now have the ability to better understand their workforce based on data-driven insights about how tools are being utilized. The result is a strong performing, highly engaged team.”

About Prodoscore

Prodoscore™ is a company dedicated to empowering teams to be more effective and productive, validated with improved performance and enhanced contributions. By providing visibility into employee activities through a single, easy-to-understand productivity score, a “prodoscore” is calculated to improve workforce productivity and streamline the employee experience. Prodoscore works seamlessly with cloud tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, CRM systems, and VoIP calling platforms, allowing it to be quickly implemented and maintained. Learn more at

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Press Release initially published on Business Wire.