Prodoscore™ Launches Innovative Data Platform for Advanced Performance Analytics

ProdoLabs™ unlocks a new era of business insights, delivering unprecedented visibility into employee performance for informed decision-making

Prodoscore, the leader in employee visibility and productivity intelligence software, announced today the beta launch of a new data platform, the first of its kind in the business intelligence space. ProdoLabs™ enhances the existing metrics Prodoscore provides, surfacing higher-level insights around how people work. It is a think-tank for new ideas, enabling Prodoscore customers to gain visibility into employee performance and leverage those insights to impact business decisions directly.

“One key goal with this ‘sandbox’ environment is to gain insight into what features and functionality customers find most valuable, then build those into the core product,” said Adrian Reece, Prodoscore VP of Data Science and the project’s director. Reece is working with a growing team of data scientists and developers. 

“ProdoLabs™ allows us to iterate and build on our core product at a much faster rate than historically possible with direct impact from customers and without exhausting development resources,” he added.

Prodoscore customer Scott Perkins, EVP of Sales at Kinective, added, “The depth and breadth of Prodoscore data is unmatched. What I’m seeing from Adrian and the Data Science team is powerful. Knowing that Prodoscore can provide real-time data intelligence to help optimize employee performance, streamline workflows, and support company priorities makes me more confident of myself as a leader and of the individual contributors on my team.”

The alpha version of ProdoLabs™ was released in August and shared with a group of Prodoscore customers who provided feedback on various capabilities and helped drive the short term roadmap. In November, ProdoLabs™ will move into beta and live inside of the Prodoscore dashboard, making it directly accessible. The customer rollout will take place in phases with the goal of customer-wide access by the end of 2023.  

The platform encourages collaborative exploration with external researchers so business leaders can identify new ways to leverage critical data insights, guided by subject matter experts, and translate those metrics into strategies that will improve people management and increase organizational efficiency. Today, the focus areas include meeting efficiency, cloud tool adoption, and the ability to compare how employees work at a granular level to replicate successful behaviors and improve operational efficiency and performance. Additional data sets will be incorporated in the near future. 

“As a Data Scientist, your output is only as strong as the data that is input. The richness of the Prodoscore data is incredible, enabling leaders to understand employee behavior and patterns that drive success. With ProdoLabs™, we’re adding even more actionability, better visualization capabilities, and customer-led design. ProdoLabs is showcasing the art of the possible,” added Reece. 

ProdoLabs™ beta will be available to all existing and new customers as part of the Prodoscore package. Ad hoc reporting led by the data science team is also available for additional fees.

About Prodoscore

Prodoscore™ is an AI-powered data intelligence solution dedicated to making teams more successful. By providing clarity on what employees need to do to maintain optimal productivity, without feeling pressured by meaningless metrics, Prodoscore helps empower people, streamline processes, identify opportunities for workforce optimization, and ensure better informed decision making. Prodoscore’s unique dataset, consisting of thousands of daily activity points across various core business applications, provides our customers with meaningful insights that drive results. 

As a cloud-based solution, Prodoscore works seamlessly with other cloud-based tools like Google Workspace, Office365, CRM systems, UCaaS, and other business productivity apps, allowing it to be quickly implemented and easily maintained. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Prodoscore is backed by PSG Equity. Learn more at

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