Essential Tools for Remote Working

The freedom to work from anywhere enables stronger workplace engagement, increased productivity, satisfaction, and confidence in the abilities of employees. Working and managing remotely has never been easier than it is now, thanks to some of the incredible tools available on the market that allow for instant communication and collaboration between your entire team.

If you’re planning on working or managing remotely, we recommend these four tools for your team.

Office Suite - Google Workspace - Microsoft 365
Office Suite (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365)

Your Office Suite provides the ultimate, easy to use, cloud-based productivity tools for your team.

Users can access emails, documents, reports, and folders, host meetings, and make calls. These tools can be accessed and used at home or on the go, allowing your team to work when they want, how they want.

All of your emails and files are stored in one secure cloud-based space, allowing for easy and reliable access.

Remote management is also possible, using the many admin tools at hand such as controls, insights, and user auditing. All these versatile features make it easy for individuals to keep organized, and teams to collaborate, no matter where they are.

Sales employee using CRM

Any distributed team wouldn’t be complete without a tool that helped to organize customer relationship management (CRM).

Luckily, there are some great CRM tools currently available. Most come complete with Office Suite integration, designed to work with your existing tools.

These customer relationship management tools allow you and your employees to work right from your inbox, cutting out the need for additional software and raising productivity – your inbox is a one-stop shop that will benefit your clients, leads, and performance in the long run.

Office Suite integration eliminates the need for manual entry – automatically linking to company wide emails, files, and events.

These tools help your team, no matter where they are, add contacts, track email opens and views, and more from the comfort of their inbox.

Employees will be able to stay on top of clients and potential leads through features like automatic alerts, syncing with your established contacts, and custom report building that provides your entire team with easy to use data.

CRM solutions are the perfect tool for managing customers and for keeping detailed files on all past, present, and future clients. You’ll be able to capture emails between your entire team and one client with your CRM, allowing for complete workplace transparency. Filters and actions can also be triggered based on established email filters, which can be used to notify other staff members.

An integrated CRM removes the burden of managers having to constantly check in on employee activities, instead providing reports and client files at the touch of a button.

With a fully integrated CRM solution, email and call records can be retrieved by your entire team immediately. Calendars can be shared across your organization, allowing management to keep track of what employees are focusing on, and hone in on potential areas of improvement.

Employee using Prodoscore on laptop

Prodoscore is a must-have tool for effectively managing your distributed team

It provides business insights that give you visibility into employee productivity in the form of one simple score and an easy to use dashboard. Productivity intelligence drives performance and growth, and takes the guesswork out of managing teams, no matter where they’re located. Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing, we measure thousands of daily activity points across the business applications you’re already using like your CRM and Office Suite, and our proprietary scoring system generates actionable analytics that measure productivity and create immediate opportunities for process improvement.

Workers learn where they can improve. Managers can discover and improve on team weaknesses, and HR can receive alerts for at-risk employees.

With deep visibility into your daily workflow, managers can continuously improve processes for your whole team.

Easily manage a distributed workforce confidently with a single Northstar metric for your team to follow. No complicated graphs or weird charts. Your Prodoscore is your indicator of success.

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Enhance coaching
  • Increase cloud tool adoption
  • Improve employee retention
  • Streamline the employee experience

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Employee making a phone call on his desk

An effective VoIP system allows for better communication with your entire team.

Some VoIP systems feature the ability to integrate your VoIP phone with workplace software like your Office Suite and various CRM solutions so you can make calls directly, view individual call records through your CRM solution, and transfer calls from your mobile phone to your workplace handset.

This allows remote employees to make calls at the touch of a button, create call notes within your CRM, and instantly add contacts to your G suite or Microsoft 365 contact lists. An integrated VoIP system is perfect for tying together productivity suites and creating a truly unified workplace no matter where employees are working from.

We live in a time where managing a remote team and working from anywhere has been made possible without the risk of decreased productivity or communication between you and your team members.

With the tools outlined on the previous pages, working and managing from anywhere has never been easier or more attractive.

Employee working from home on her couch, enjoying a cup of coffee

Other Great Tools

Our guide would not be complete without mentioning a few other great essentials for remote work – there are so many! Here are a few of our favorites.

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Prodoscore integrates with all of them.

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