Why Analytics Are the Key to ROI with Unified Communications (UC)

All businesses can benefit from Unified Communications, but its potential is often not reached because decision makers don’t fully think things through. Unlike a phone system, where you know exactly what you’re getting, UC is a platform
that enables better ways of working. However, your employees aren’t asking for UC, they don’t know what the term means, and they can’t see or touch it – the onus is on IT to show them why it’s better so they’ll adopt UC.

One reason why UC initiatives fail is because the rationale was based on cost savings. There will be some cost savings, such as consolidating the use of multiple conferencing services across the organization, but that’s the wrong reason to invest in UC. With legacy technology, buying decisions were often driven by what’s best for IT, but that approach won’t work anymore. Instead, IT needs to focus outward on what workers need and what’s best for making the business more successful.

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