Expand Your Workforce By Hiring Nationwide & Globally

The emergence of remote work has had one huge, and often untapped, benefit for employers - the ability to hire from anywhere across the country and even globally.

No longer limited by location, companies can now cast their net far and wide to find the best talent. Many are failing to take advantage of this opportunity however. For some employers, hiring nationwide or from other countries is just too daunting. They worry that productivity will suffer, that it’ll be too much of an inconvenience, that team communication will break down. But there’s risk to hiring any employee and with the right tech stack, there’s no need to narrow the field. 

Most offices now work with cloud-based tools that keep distributed teams fully connected, even from separate sides of the globe. And with remote or hybrid work models becoming increasingly popular, the pace of innovation is expected to accelerate - giving us even more ways to work together while apart. Companies that are excluding potential hires based on their location are ignoring the realities of the workforce and, more importantly, hindering their growth.

Top 3 reasons to widen your search for staff

1. Different regions, different perspectives

Diverse teams are better for the workplace across a number of metrics. They make better decisions, they’re more productive, and they’re more engaged. 

By hiring across the country, employers are more likely to amass a workforce that’s composed of different attitudes, backgrounds, and insights. Your East Coast employee may not have much in common with their West Coast colleague but that’s okay, they’ll learn from each other and become a better-functioning team as a result.

This diversity will also trickle into your company culture, giving your organization a big picture perspective that can broaden your customer and client base. 

Expanding globally can give you even more reach. If you are concerned about a language barrier, remember that there are a number of English speakers across the globe and simple English fluency tests can be given before hiring if this is a concern.

2. Keeping costs down for employees

With North America in the grip of a cost of living crisis, workers are feeling the pinch. And the last thing you want is a team full of stressed-out employees who are miserable trying to make ends meet.

By allowing workers to live and work from anywhere, you’re giving them the flexibility to move from costly areas to somewhere more affordable. They’ll be able to save more of their salary instead of pouring it into bill payments and enjoy a better quality of life as a result. 

Those employees may be able to buy a house, start planning for a family, enjoy a few luxuries - all things that will significantly improve their wellbeing

And if they’re happier at home, they’ll be more engaged and motivated at work. Employers who offer flexible working arrangements are more likely to retain and recruit loyal employees.

3. Protect against staffing shortfalls

If you thought the labor shortage was a temporary issue that would disappear with the pandemic, think again. There were over 1 million job openings in May 2022 as employees continue to desert the workforce. The few companies who still don’t have a remote work policy are now coming up against a tough choice - hire remotely or don’t hire at all. 

Remote working arrangements aren’t just a stop gap for the shortage, they’re the way forward. As late Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are retiring from the workforce, times are changing. Millennial and Gen Z employees now expect more flexibility and, for many of them, that means working from anywhere.

Maintaining productivity

One of the most common misconceptions around remote work is its impact on productivity. Many still believe that performance takes a dive when you release workers from the office, but that’s just not true.

You can still be productive even if your team is all over the map. By having the right attitude and the right tech toolkit, managers can oversee remote workers without any drops in performance - especially if they use an Employee Productivity Monitoring solution.

Prodoscore monitors how employees interact with a company’s digital tools, showing their daily activity from a single user-friendly interface. Managers can see at a glance how everyone on their team is doing that day, as well as tracking trends over time so they can quickly spot when there’s an issue or identify employee burnout. The platform integrates with an organization’s existing stack tech to provide real-time, unobtrusive supervision - giving employers peace of mind when overseeing virtual workspaces. Contact our team today to find out more or schedule a demonstration.

How will visibility impact your business?