Strategic Data Integration Enhances Productivity Intelligence

The way we work has forever changed.  The social contract between employer and employee has too changed, for organizations everywhere and of all shapes and sizes. We’re all facing a dramatic and accelerated shift in the workplace, making the need to streamline the employee experience through digital transformation more important than ever. 

We’ve written a lot about the many tools out there that improve productivity, and support a flexible work environment. Project management platforms, communication tools, cloud sharing networks, remote feedback mechanisms, CRM…

But those tools alone don’t provide the full picture or ensure the highest levels of success.  CRM, for example, is only part of the productivity formula, as we explain in this recent blog. Without visibility, leadership teams lack the insights into daily activity that help to drive business intelligence. 

By measuring employee activity across existing cloud tools, and generating a simple score, Prodoscore provides leaders with actionable analytics that provide workers with consistent and immediate feedback that encourages high levels of growth and performance. 

In the highly competitive world of recruiting and staffing in particular, it is so important that senior executives understand staff productivity and engagement, and find ways to maximize the efficiency of their teams. 

Benchmarking what success looks like can be difficult for any company at any time. In today’s landscape, it is extremely difficult, and extremely important. By providing benchmarks across different roles, like recruiters and sales teams, Prodoscore surfaces insights that help improve productivity and reveal coaching techniques that otherwise may be missed.  

And, data from Bullhorn, the number one staffing and recruitment software application is now incorporated directly into the Prodoscore platform. The alliance provides additional leverage for both platforms to help businesses make more informed decisions based on real-time, actionable insights.  

Using Bullhorn and Prodoscore together in the recruitment/staffing agency technology ecosystem, employee performance can be dramatically improved. Prodoscore provides clearer insights with quantified and qualified data, supporting visibility into employee productivity delivered through machine learning, AI and natural language processing. Conclusive, objective information is distilled into one simple score representing daily productivity. This process builds workforce trust and highlights key organizational opportunities for more effective coaching and collaboration. The end result is a streamlined employee experience and increased productivity.

In conjunction with data assimilated from Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and industry unified-communication-as-a-service (UCaaS) solutions, Prodoscore can better predict behavior patterns and make recommendations for recruitment and staffing agencies to manage remote or in-office teams. 

We can’t deny that the workplace as we knew it will never be the same - it will continue to evolve. And throughout that evolution, let’s use the tools available to us to ensure that employees are well taken care of, and the employee experience streamlined. 

How will visibility impact your business?