Why Your Human Resources Managers Need Employee Productivity Monitoring Solutions

Human resources is all about striking a balance. Between the company and the individual, accountability and flexibility, profits and employee wellbeing. Getting it right requires a nuanced approach…and a lot of data.

HR and analytics go hand in hand. Without the numbers, it’s almost impossible for HR professionals to see beyond the surface and identify who’s in danger of burnout, who needs more training, and who the real talent is in the team.

Having that information allows the department to craft policies that truly meet their employees’ needs which, in turn, helps the organization as a whole attract talent, retain their star performers, and reduce attrition.

How an EPM solution can help HR work smarter, not harder

Employee Productivity Monitoring solutions like Prodoscore give HR a window into how employees work, providing accurate and timely data on:

  • How employees engage with cloud-based company tools such as CRM software, email and others
  • Productivity with HR solutions
  • How colleagues interact with each other - are there silos? Key collaborators? 
  • Patterns in digital engagement over time
  • Daily activities such as meetings and other calendar events
  • Individual, team, and company-wide productivity scores

The cloud-based software only collects business-related data so you never have to worry about violating employee privacy - it doesn’t capture keystrokes or personal data. Instead, the platform seamlessly integrates with core office applications like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace along with a slew of UCaaS, CRM, and other tools, to unobtrusively monitor utilization, collecting reams of invaluable data in real-time.

These insights are then displayed via a single interface - providing users with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that displays work timelines, productivity scores, activities, and more.

How EPM solutions improve company culture

It may seem counterintuitive but using an EPM solution like Prodoscore can significantly improve office culture. This kind of transparency into workflows takes the guesswork out of management, ensuring that those who deserve recognition get it, and those who need extra support or training get that help. Management can say goodbye to awkward one-on-ones and hello to a more complete understanding of their team’s workflow.

Overachievers won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by lazy colleagues or inattentive managers. Underachievers will be exposed and encouraged to do better. It’s a win-win for everyone on the team, and an end to HR headaches. 

Prodoscore also helps workplaces understand where workers are most productive. There is often a misconception that employees need to be in the office to be productive and that may not be true. 

By showing exactly how workers are putting in their time and hitting their deadlines, the software dispels this pervasive productivity myth, making it easier for managers to get comfortable with flexible working arrangements. 

In today’s changing workforce, flexibility has become a top priority and employers who aren’t prepared to consider unconventional schedules risk missing out on talented hires. Over 60% of workers say flexibility makes them feel more empowered, and just under half say flexibility is as important to them as other workplace perks.

With Prodoscore, employees can find what works for them - whether that’s logging in from home, the office, or even the beach. Research shows this level of autonomy and flexibility can significantly improve employee wellbeing, with one study showing that working from home increased job satisfaction by 65% and being able to change work schedules decreased the likelihood of work-related stress by as much as 20%.

Overcoming concerns

Adopting EPM has many benefits but rolling out the technology has to be managed carefully to address and allay employee concerns. 

Communication is the foundation of any successful EPM strategy. Managers should be ready to answer any questions about the software and invite feedback as they introduce the concept to their teams. 

Be transparent about how it will be implemented and frame it as a tool to make workflows more efficient and allocate work more fairly. The more informed employees are, the more comfortable they’ll feel with the platform so don’t be afraid to demonstrate it and let them see exactly what it will monitor and how that information will be used.

Emphasize what Prodoscore is not. It’s not a program that tracks everything you do on your computer, it’s only capturing utilization of business specific applications. It’s also not going to share any personal data or put you at risk online. Every piece of data Prodoscore collects is encrypted in transit and stored in a highly-secure data center.

Installing Prodoscore is easy. It takes just 15 minutes to get the software up and running, putting your organization on the path to improved productivity, more transparency, greater accountability, and data-driven management. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration or find out more.

How will visibility impact your business?