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Why a Sales Assessment?

Many sales organizations will hire consultants or companies to conduct a sales assessment for the organization after they realize the company will not hit their targets. These sales assessments can cost 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars to conduct, not to mention the time investment.

Prodoscore is offering a NO-COST sales assessment for your organization. You might think “how good can Prodoscore’s sales assessment be if it’s free?”

Quite the opposite, our proprietary algorithms takes all the work out of consulting, saving companies thousands of dollars in time. Our tool takes 10 minutes to install and start assessing your organization.

We place Prodoscore at the center of the spoke for all of your sales employees business tools: G Suite/Microsoft, CRM, and UCaas communication. We collect and analyze all the data being produced.

All we need is 30 minutes to conduct the Sales Transformation Assessment on your organization and you’ll have a complete picture of your teams productivity.