Announcing Prodoscore 2.0 – Featuring Productivity Machine Learning Engine: Correlation

Prodoscore, the workforce productivity optimization company, today announced the general availability of Prodoscore 2.0, which now includes Correlations, a Machine Learning Engine that aggregates worker activity across platforms to provide insights and drive improvements in productivity. As the company’s second release of its flagship cloud-based productivity optimization solution, Prodoscore has moved beyond its initial beta offering to an application validated by over 40 companies – offering remote workers and their managers an easy to understand a single score to readily compare productivity.

Sales team managers and others tasked with managing remote workers are challenged when trying to coach and improve sales performance. Time spent engaging in phone calls, meetings, email and other communications activity is typically unknown. Best practice behaviors are not evident. Issues can often take months to identify. Prodoscore, built with patent pending technology, provides visibility to quickly and easily assess remote worker productivity by deriving a score based on time spent engaging in work activities.

Prodoscore 2.0 takes advantage of the Google Cloud Natural Language API to help managers and their employees gain insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning. Now it is possible for Prodoscore users to extract greater information about employees, topics, customers and much more, mentioned in text documents, Gmail, hangouts or google calendar. This capability is now available, and can be accessed when users enable the company’s new Correlations Machine Learning Engine.

“It is very exciting to be at the forefront of today’s workplace transformation empowering companies to readily accept remote working as an opportunity for performance improvement, employee satisfaction and elevated levels of customer service,” said Dave Gilbert, CEO of Prodoscore. “Prodoscore 2.0 reflects significant product improvements from the past several months, and is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ analytics tool for anyone using Google G-Suite.”

As an application built 100% on the Google Cloud platform, Prodoscore works seamlessly with Google G-Suite applications. Offered today as a free application, Prodoscore offers a quick and easy way to readily compare remote worker productivity. By calculating a quantitative score of remote worker productivity, it becomes easier to assess performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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About Prodoscore

Prodoscore™ is a company dedicated to empowering remote workers to be more effective and productive, validated with improved sales performance and time management metrics. By providing visibility into remote worker activities, a Productivity Score™ – a Prodoscore – can then be calculated to improve sales productivity. Prodoscore works seamlessly with Google Cloud apps, so can be quickly implemented and maintained. Learn more at



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