Prodoscore Goes to Market with Workforce Management Solution Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Leading providers of technology solutions for both in-office and remote employees align to take the guesswork out of managing employees, no matter where they are located

Prodoscore, a leader in productivity intelligence software today announced their app is now available as an integration within Microsoft Teams. The integration will provide businesses with a new tool for managing the burgeoning class of distributed employees – and the subsequent increase in the use of cloud-based technology.

“Prodoscore is honored by the opportunity to align with Microsoft Teams,” said Thomas Moran, Chief Channel Officer, Prodoscore. “The marketplace is demanding more impactful and strategic integrations with the cloud tools being used by their employees in the workforce. And the more unified the solution set, the better. We are looking to further enhance experience and success with these applications.” 

At a high level, customers will benefit from better information based on verified business intelligence, with the goal of generating improved employee performance. This new workforce management solution not only delivers enhanced collaboration and connectivity, but also helps to promote impactful results from high-performing employees to contribute to an organization's overall success.

“In today’s environment of constant change, it’s critical that businesses remain alert and prepared.  With digital tools that make productivity easier, we can help teams perform to their highest potential, and provide opportunities for continued growth.  We’re pleased to be working with Prodoscore on this initiative and know that our collaboration will support a more flexible workforce, with distributed teams, new processes, and unique challenges,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.

Responding to the trend of employees working remotely, Prodoscore has created a new category of SaaS solution within the technology ecosystem. This latest relationship underscores the company’s ongoing  commitment to providing a highly differentiated workforce management solution that measures and improves productivity, performance and employee engagement. 

The Prodoscore solution integration with Teams removes the guesswork from managing distributed employees. It delivers better information, improved performance and enhanced collaboration with impactful results from each employee who contributes to an organization's overall success. 

The Teams collaboration is another important milestone in Prodoscore’s growth trajectory as the company expands its network of global alliances with best-in-class technology companies, managed service providers (MSPs) and master agents. As the number of globally distributed employees using Prodoscore across various disciplines and many different vertical markets continue to grow, the company’s subject matter experts are providing enhanced analysis relative to human behavior in the workplace. This credible and validated information will be further leveraged to deliver qualified, prescriptive recommendations about employee coaching for its customers.

“We are very fortunate to be able to work with Microsoft on this integration, and to be an early partner in this space to help drive adoption of Teams,” added Moran. “Demand for this platform from customers continues to expand, and we are excited to be a part of this growth moving forward.”

About Prodoscore

Prodoscore™ is a company dedicated to empowering teams to be more effective and productive, validated with improved performance and enhanced contributions. By providing visibility into employee activities through a single, easy-to-understand productivity score, a “prodoscore” is calculated to improve workforce productivity and streamline the employee experience. Prodoscore works seamlessly with cloud tools like G Suite, Office365, CRM systems, and VoIP calling platforms, allowing it to be quickly implemented and maintained. Learn more at

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Press Release initially published on Business Wire.