Prodoscore: The Unobtrusive Employee Monitoring Solution

The pandemic-driven rise in remote working may be good news for staff, but it hasn’t always been greeted with quite the same enthusiasm by employers.

While working from home gives employees the opportunity to better manage their work-life balance, this newfound flexibility naturally gives rise to concerns about productivity and time-management issues. Managers and CEOs who doubt their team’s ability to stay on track often turn to their IT personnel to help them find a solution that delivers the employee monitoring metrics they’re looking for, without intruding on their staff’s privacy.

Productivity monitoring tools help senior managers gain insight into their team’s daily activity with a light touch that’s not intrusive like many other solutions. The innovative software doesn’t track mouse movements or clicks, it won’t pry through personal data, and it doesn’t watch while you type. It simply measures thousands of daily activity points across core business processes to give managers a single productivity score and regular trend reports for individual employees and/or teams. In this way, the transparent, streamlined, and ultra-secure system provides a window into workplace productivity without damaging employee trust.

Why choose Prodoscore?

Easy integration

Adoption is often the biggest headache when taking on new workplace tech tools. Prodoscore is designed to make things as easy as possible for IT departments, integrating seamlessly with their existing tech stack. The program is fully compatible with a range of common cloud-based office suites such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, as well as API-enabled, UCaaS and CRM tools.


IT teams have the difficult task of building a company tech stack that doesn’t just meet the moment, but prepares the organization for whatever’s around the corner. Your tools have to scale with your business, and Prodoscore does just that. 

The software is designed to easily scale across small, medium and enterprise-sized companies so it works with you whether you’re on a growth trajectory or maintaining your current workforce. In fact, Prodoscore can even help companies plan for the future by highlighting staffing gaps so you know when it’s time to scale up.


Employee privacy should be a high priority in any work environment. Just because you’re measuring their performance, doesn’t mean you can expose them to risk. 

Prodoscore operates under the highest standards of cloud security and follows both industry and regulatory best practices around employee privacy and data security.  All data collected is encrypted using protocols such as HTTPS, SSL, and TLS before being stored in a secure data warehouse managed by Google Cloud Platform.

Once there, it’s only accessible to certain authorized users and locked behind both Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication protocols. Data is also further protected by being categorized into blocks and encrypted again, this time with the more sophisticated AES-256 encryption.


There’s no point in measuring daily, weekly or monthly employee performance unless you’re using a system that delivers consistently reliable results. Prodoscore won’t let you down. Our system guarantees 99.999% uptime, so you don’t have to worry about outages interfering with data collection or throwing off your metrics. 

Empower your team

Prodoscore may be primarily a management tool, but it’s a win-win for your entire workplace - enhancing not just productivity but also employee wellness, engagement, and accountability.

It also keeps your IT department happy with easy integration, hands-off management, robust reliability and stringent security. Book a demonstration today to see Prodoscore in action and learn what it can do for your organization.

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