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Pip Witheridge, CEO

Company Overview

Grove Group is an ‘Innovative Partnership’ with people that believe in innovating Technology. Their vision is to make people’s lives and business processes easier and more effective through the better use of technology.

With offices in the UK, South Africa and a presence in the USA, Grove works with clients to help them understand how and where they can leverage cloud based infrastructure and applications to increase their capabilities, reduce their long term costs and underpin their growth and ability to respond to a constantly changing world.

Google Workspace, Salesforce Integration
Grove Group Case Study

Using Accountability to Improve Salesforce Adoption

Because Grove’s teams are spread across the world, they invested heavily in cloud technologies to help team members work together.

“We got set up with Salesforce and Google Workspace around eight years ago, since we have a distributed workforce,” Grove CEO, Pip Witheridge said.

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