Gain visibility into the daily activities of your sales professionals to measure +% and -% score over a given period.


THERE IS NOTHING WORSE Than When a Top Sales Employee hands in their resignation and you are shocked they are leaving

Typically what happens is an employee’s activity drops drastically before exiting the business. The problem is, you don’t see the activity drops soon enough to save the employee or provide the necessary coaching to remove the obstacle causing this and it leads to a resignation. Sales Leaders tend to put our focus on the C players, which in turn neglects the A players activity who may be about to churn. It is too late to save employees if you are not analyzing activity levels daily for even top performers.

This Prodoscore view shows +% or -% over a selected timeframe. You can set alerts within your organization to alert you of scoring drops to keep it front of mind and digest within seconds.

We have found from Prodoscore customer examples that there is a -30% decrease in activity 30 days prior to resignation.

It provides you the visibility to see red flags in activity prior to seeing decreases in the end results to setup up a coaching meeting to get that sales professional back on track for success.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
Improve how you visualize sales activity today to
maximize your sales output tomorrow!