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Barry Shevlin, Senior Managing Director

Company Overview

Skyway Capital Markets is a lower mid-market focused Investment Bank based in Tampa, FL. Skyway represents private business owners seeking to exit, transition, or accelerate the growth of their business.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, RingCentral Integration
Skyway Capital Markets Case Study

An Objective Measurement of Performance and Growth Opportunity

Skyway Capital was introduced to Prodoscore in a TechCrunch article. “I was immediately interested in learning more because I had started to build something similar about a year prior,” said Barry Shevlin, Skyway Capital Markets Sr. Managing Director. At a previous business, Shevlin tried building a solution that would help gauge productivity. “I was pulling data from Salesforce, Microsoft, and our UCaaS phone system, and trying to create what I referred to as a Quality Activity Score,” he explained. “So, when I came across Prodoscore I was so excited.” Prodoscore’s solution could do what Barry was looking for and much more.

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