Proactive Coaching and Productivity Boost: UpCurve Case Study

UpCurve was one of the very first Google Premiere Partners that focuses on helping companies leverage G Suite and combine that with other innovative cloud solutions to help customers unify their workflows.

UpCurve has helped over 5,000 companies change over to G Suite, and was one of the first businesses to resell a Google Apps licenses - before it was even called G Suite.

UpCurve was also one of the first organizations to use Prodoscore, as well as offer it to their clients, and wanted to share their excitement about Prodoscore.

I talked with Joey Maller, UpCurve’s Sales Manager, about the benefits he’s seen from Prodoscore for his team.

From Piles of Data to a Single Score

UpCurve thought Prodoscore would be a natural fit with the other solutions they offered, but before partnering with them, UpCurve wanted to try it out.

Much of UpCurve’s team works remotely, and it can be hard to gain insight into everyone’s work processes, so they considered Prodoscore a natural fit.

Maller was immediately impressed with how Prodoscore integrated multiple systems into one score.

“It was amazing,” Maller said. “Instead of having to understand a bunch of data across different systems, it gave me one score I could use as a benchmark.”

The single score wasn’t the only thing that stood out against past methods of measuring productivity. The install was significantly easier as well.

Benefits of Proactive Coaching

“I’ve used gamification and productivity solutions before, but other apps were just based off of CRM data, so they were only good as the information being manually logged into them. Plus, setting them up was a painful manual process including having to define and map all of your KPI’s.

“Prodoscore was as easy as setting up the users and downloading it. It just started working.”

Maller was initially worried that Prodoscore’s insights into salespeople’s work days would be invasive and didn’t want his team to feel like he was spying on them. However, instead of being a monitoring tool, he found Prodoscore created opportunities for proactive coaching, and discovered the app made his team more conscious of what they could do to improve.

“I can be proactive about finding solutions instead of being reactive when problems get out of control,” Maller said.

“In the past, I had to rely on what I was seeing in the CRM and what they were telling me, but I didn’t have a visual of what they were doing the day. In the end these were trailing indicators and I was always trying to put out fires instead of optimizing the team.”

Maller checked the scores briefly every morning and waited a couple weeks to see patterns.

“Once I was able to see a couple weeks of data, I was able to put together organized days for the sales folks.”

“One guy took 2-3 hours to get going each morning, so I gave him a task each day to open up his key prospects and send them an email first thing. I was able to really help him be productive for the first two hours of the day, and his sales went up.”

This wasn’t the only case of Maller discovering a way to help a member of his team.

“Another reversal was when we noticed a person didn’t like being on the phone and mostly spent time on email or chat. We incentivized him to make a certain number of calls each day and lo and behold his sales improved. Even better was that over time he became more comfortable on the phone.“

“Avoiding making calls was preventing him from getting to the demo stage, but now he’s dramatically increased his number of demos.”

Across the Board Productivity Boosts

Without Prodoscore these coaching opportunities wouldn’t have happened until Maller noticed a team member was falling behind. Now, he is able to step in and provide coaching before the problem gets worse.

Maller has also used Prodoscore to improve the sales process for his team, and he’s seen big productivity gains.

“We found putting a lot more emphasis on sales people doing calls with their confer- ence line and scheduling demos helped both their productivity and their sales num- bers,” Maller said.

The team took to checking their Prodoscores each morning and worked to see how they could improve.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase. Average scores have gone up 15% since first start- ing, and we’re seeing an increase in actual sales numbers, so there’s a real correla- tion between the two.”

“One team member specifically has had huge improvements, seeing their sales growth over 30% since we started using Prodoscore.”

“The sky’s the limit for how valuable this tool can be."